About Us


◆ Development, and manufacturing ANSI / DIN / API standard cartridge mechanical seal
◆ Develop proprietary mechanical seal with equipment manufacturers
◆ Mechanical seal supply piping system design improvements and Whole plant rotating equipment professional consulting, planning / technical support and maintenance
◆ Construction of large mixer assembly
◆ Metal bellows mechanical seal research and production

The company was established in 1985

Specializing in mechanical seal of development and production. Accumulated a wealth of experience and continuous research and innovation, access to extensive support and use. More Investment Industry Research Institute, for silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, carbon, and other related research and development of wearable devices and obtain foreign material and technical support to enhance the company specializes in R & D technology, used in the petrochemical industry, power plants, ships, steel , chemical fiber, machinery, chemical machinery, dyeing, paper making mechanical seal.